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2015-03-16 13:30 Medieval Music, Big Data and the Research Blend

By Gregorio Bevilacqua

With the Transforming Musicology mini-project Medieval Music, Big Data and the Research Blend we attempt to address the question of the function of the conductus, a corpus of almost 900 thirteenth-century Latin poems variably set to monophonic and polyphonic music – a repertory that does not seem to have a clear place in the medieval liturgy. Although the themes are mostly devotional, the texts set to music cover a wide range of topics. The known manuscript sources of the conductus (i.e. organised collections of music and poetry) do not provide much information about the significance and scope of the genre.


2015-01-15 15:15 Thrash Metal, Wiki Data, and The Problem of Web Scraping

By Justin Gagen

So I was looking at a list of thrash metal bands the other day, like you do, and the first entry caused me an immediate problem.