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2015-04-09 17:00 Similarity: haven't we heard this before somewhere?

By Alan Marsden

When interviewed by a panel of the Arts and Humanities Research Council as part of the process of securing the funding for Transforming Musicology, we were asked to explain how the project would be unified, rather than a loose collection of three or more separate research projects. Tim gave an excellent presentation which focused on linking themes, and especially on Linked Data, and one of our claims was that, fundamentally, all of the projects would be concerned with using technology to better investigate whether and how one musical thing was like another. Indeed we made a bold claim that much of musicology is concerned with similarity: two pieces of tonal music are like each other because both are elaborations of the same Ursatz; a work of uncertain authorship is demonstrated to be like a set of others and so probably by the same composer; a passage of guitar music is shown to be, in some sense, 'like' a hummingbird.