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2014-11-17 11:30 Does Wagner do your head in?

By Tim Crawford

The Transforming Musicology team was in much evidence at last week's performances of Richard Wagner's Ring Cycle at the Birmingham Hippodrome (5-9 November). With the invaluable support of the Hippodrome, we have been able to capture physical data from at least seven participants for each opera, six of whom valiantly attended all four operas - a total of some 15 hours! Seated together in excellent seats in row K, they were able to enjoy the full operatic experience, which, to judge by their comments we heard in the intervals and after each show, was pretty intense. The Shimmer3 devices each wore on a wrist seem to have performed perfectly, and don't seem to have become uncomfortable, even over the two-hour stretches of the longest acts. These measured three basic types of data: galvanic skin response (GSR), heart rate (HR), and their micro-movements in three dimensions.